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Psychotherapy across the Lifespan

Dr. Stadler provides general Individual Psychotherapy for adults and children, including specialization in the areas of Geriatrics, Sports Psychology, and Cross-Cultural Adjustment. She also provides options for Group Psychotherapy, as well as Cognitive, Educational, and Emotional Functioning Assessment for older adults, adults, and children.

Weight Loss Skills

Learn the thinking skills necessary to be successful in any weight loss program.

  • Develop the skills for your individual needs
  • Increase motivation
  • Manage hunger and cravings
  • What to do about feeling overwhelmed and discouraged
  • Solve real life problems (eating out, traveling, family with different goals)
  • How to handle falling off your program

The goal is to help you develop the skills for lifelong weight control. How many times have you tried to lose weight and been successful, only to find yourself back where you started after a few months of “normal life”? Or, maybe you are ready to change your eating patterns, but you don’t know where to start.

One diet can be very similar to another - what matters is the way you approach it.


Specialty areas

Geriatric Psychology
Aging presents a number of challenges – many of which we never expected. Sometimes these challenges – such as an aging body, increasing forgetfulness, loss of a loved one - occur on top of lifelong struggles with anxiety or depression.  Psychotherapy can help an older adult with gathering the skills they need to cope with these challenges.

For family members or older adults who are considering out of home placement – I have worked in a number of nursing homes and assisted living centers and I can help you find the resources you need to make these decisions. I can also help with assessments to determine cognitive functioning.

I will make house calls to older adults that are home bound or in assisted living centers without access to easy transportation. There is an extra fee associated with this service.

Note: Psychologists do not prescribe medication. However, I will consult with your physician or psychiatrist as needed with your permission. 

Sports Psychology for Children (and Adults)
For many children sports are no longer something you participate in casually – a pick-up game on the weekend, a recreational team for a month or two. Children are starting in sports at earlier ages, becoming connected to “club teams” with practice schedules that can at times rival college athletes.

As more and more children start these sports at younger ages, the more difficult it becomes for the casual athlete to join a group and succeed during the teen and high school years. The pressure to succeed in these sports can come from a variety of sources, including the looming benefit of a college scholarship. As a result, our children area over-stretched and over-stressed.

Psychotherapy can help with issues of low motivation, performance anxiety, burn-out, or getting balance back in to your life.

**I will also work with adults on Sports Psychology issues. Even weekend warriors sometimes feel that they need a bit of an edge to help them with motivation, performance anxiety, and other issues related to getting the most out of our adult bodies. 

Cross-Cultural Psychology
Cultural beliefs and norms can have a significant impact on adjustment to life in the USA, and sometimes that adjustment does not go smoothly, resulting in anxiety, depression, or relationship problems.

Sometimes what is normal in one culture can be seen as abnormal in another – I can help you make those connections and develop the skills you need to adjust. 

I have lived and worked overseas, with both children and adults. I have also consulted for 9 years with families moving internationally or internationals moving to the US. I have met, worked with, and learned from people of cultures from every continent.

Group Psychotherapy
Groups give clients the opportunity to give and get feedback from each other, and to develop interpersonal skills that can help in all aspects of life.  Group psychotherapy will be offered from time to time – contact Dr. Stadler for more information.

Groups currently offered:

  • Cognitive and Behavioral Skills to Assist Weight Loss
  • Parents of Late Adoptive Children
  • Parenting